Final Thoughts
Uploaded on 6th Sept 2010
by Tom
The 2010 Ghana- Tosa exchange has come to an end. I think everybody involved learned many important lessons. The natural energy of the Ghanaian students was a wonderful example for everyone at Tosa High School. The quiet, calm, helpful nature of the students here was eye-opening for many of the Ghanaian visitors. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know people from totally different cultures and become friends! I hope we will never forget these few days we’ve had together!
Martial Arts… and Tea
Uploaded on 6th Sept 2010
words by Tom
photos by Andrew
On Saturday, it was time to forget about lessons and get involved in some traditional Japanese sports. First the Tosa karate students showed us their ‘kata’ demonstration which got them through to the national championships. All Ghanaian students had a go at the punching. No one got injured!

Next it was off to the judo dojo. We were all able to try throwing each other, thanks to the expert advice of the judo club members. Kendo was admired (and slightly feared) from outside of the room: It was far too dangerous to enter!

After all that physical exercise, it was time to relax and meditate over a cup of green tea. The tea ceremony club girls, dressed in yukata came to collect us, and served all the Ghanaian students tea in the tea room. There was even a chance for people to try making tea for themselves. It was a perfect way to end the day.
Listening, Learning, Laughing… Lessons at Tosa
Uploaded on 4th Sept 2010
by Tom
Today it was time to get serious and study! Thanks to the Ghanaian power, English classes soon became Ghana language and dance classes. Math was hard, but informative, and in Science class, Mr. Yokota taught us how to make bread with electricity! It was surprisingly delicious!

After school it was time for sport and everyone still had enough energy to run around playing soccer or volleyball. We should sleep well tonight!
Meet the host families!
Uploaded on 3rd Sept 2010
photos & words by Tom
There was a nervous, excited atmosphere in the meeting room as the Ghanaian students waited to see who they would be living with for the next three days. After a short explanation, it was time to meet and greet. There were smiles, handshakes, hugs and even some tears! By the time the families left school, everyone looked happy and ready to experience the real Japan!
Rice Harvesting at Kochi University
Uploaded on 2nd Sept 2010
photos & words by Tom
Even though it was very hot, everyone learnt about Kochi farming, and then actually tried harvesting the rice. Tosa and Ghanaian students worked together under the sun with their scythes, chopping down rice and putting it into big piles. Some were even lucky enough to drive the combine harvester! Our hard work was rewarded with Kochi University’s delicious home grown pineapples. Everyone looked tired by the end, but it was a great experience.